Website displayed artOne way to improve your conversion rate is to make browsing your website a seamless and enjoyable experience. Make sure your visitors can navigate between pages easily, find the information they need quickly, and purchase a product they want effortlessly.

Esper Creations and other web design experts cite the following hacks that improve the user experience:

Use White Space Effectively

Also known as negative space, white space allows a page to breathe as it follows a minimalist style. The effective use of white space helps a visitor to focus on the most important content on a page. It also helps removes clutter that either confuses or distracts visitors. More importantly, good use of white space enables you to guide your visitors through your sales funnel and elicit positive responses from them.

Manage Page Flow

A smooth page flow makes it easy for users to browse your website, find what they need, and discover the benefits of choosing your brand over the others. You can achieve a better page flow by organizing your visuals, such as images, videos, and infographics. Using bullet points to make your content more digestible helps, too.

Do Relevant Linking

Some users may want more information after reading your blog posts. So, putting links to other pages or external websites help improve your website’s user experience. Just make sure to link only to pages or websites that are within your niche. This technique allows you, as the cliché goes, to hit two birds with one stone; you help a visitor learn more about you and boost the value of the link that directs to other pages of your website.

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These are just some of the user experience improvement techniques you should take note. Implement these to make it easier for visitors to navigate your website — and get the higher conversion rates you want.

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