A business meetingWith all the available platforms – both personal and digital, it should be easier to do business-to-business (B2B) transactions. If you’re in a highly saturated industry, however, acquiring clients is a long shot. The more challenging part is actually not in hooking your prospects, but in sustaining their interest. How do you do it?

Got to the right person

Your efforts would all be in vain if you’re talking to the wrong people. Reach out to the person who has the power to make decisions or at least can make recommendations. If you route your intention through irrelevant channels, you would appear like a small player.

Follow-up with personalized emails

Once you have been introduced, don’t wait until you contact them. Otherwise, you would be forgotten. Send personalized messages, but don’t bother about selling just yet. Get to know them on a personal level without being too intrusive. Once they have warmed up to you, that’s the only time to express your agenda.

Get access to their networks

Like what Entrepreneur guest writer Lambeth Hochwald points out, face-to-face interactions are still a more effective means to communicate. You want to be within their peripheral, so make your best effort to get into their circle. Join clubs and attend networking events and shows. Like with romantic love, everything blooms from familiarity.

Have a professional online reputation

Once you’ve expressed your intent and when you go your separate ways, they would want to know more about your business before they decide to consider it further. The easiest way for them is to check your business profile online, so do a regular online audit. Moreover, you need to have a professional and responsive website. Get someone to do it right and quick. Don’t look any further because you can find businesses in Minnesota that offer web design services.

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Be consistent

To convert them into regular clients and to maintain this relationship, you need to show consistency, especially in communication. Send updates and check on them regularly. This will help them realize that you're making their business your business.

Nowadays, on top of having a great salesman or sales team, you need to make the most of all possible channels if you want to turn prospects into clients. Take every opportunity to make yourself known and to make a great impression.

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