Man doing web designVisitors want more from the content they search. Text — and more text — to explain everything and represent your brand just won’t cut it anymore. Now, this is when you should leverage visuals to engage your target audience more.

SEO Werkz, a web design pro from Salt Lake City, cites the following techniques that enable you to achieve this goal.

Visuals in Blog Posts

A blog is an informal medium that lets you reach out to your intended audience. However, the post has to be share-worthy. Some ways to achieve this are to make it easier to share and to use the right visuals. An article that has some images has a higher percentage of engagement and conversion.

Visuals also make it easier for visitors to understand your message and determine if your brand solves their problems. Also, people tend to have better recall of large amounts of details, when they can picture it.

Let the Images Speak for Themselves

The image you use for your web pages must be a visual representation of the content and your brand. It allows you to create active and long-lasting associations. That is, whether it is a particular reaction you want or an emotion that reminds a viewer of your business. Also, it must represent the numbers you mentioned and the information you provide.

Precise images allow you to convey your message not only effectively. It is also quick and in more doses. You can say more with photos and videos, allowing you to educate your audience, keep them engaged and improve conversion rates. Ideally, keeping posts below 250 characters gets you 60% better engagement.

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Emotional Connection

A smiling face, a frown and a person’s eyes on an image make a personal and emotional connection to those that see them. Visuals give you this dynamic that text can’t do. When you elicit a gamut of emotions from visitors, you are likely to influence their next response and behavior.

These are some techniques you can utilize when you leverage images for your posts. Doing so enables you to influence visitors’ actions and direct them towards conversion.

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