Calculating CostsConstruction cost estimation software, also called bidding software, helps business owners calculate the cost of labor and material. The program can also help in creating detailed proposals from estimates. Some of the features offered by its package are:

  • Cost Database, which includes accurate figures on materials and costs to aid in preparing estimates
  • Labor and Materials, which helps calculate labor and materials costs based on numbers from project takeoff
  • Historical Database and built-in templates, which speed up the estimate process by offering lists of labor and parts required for a standard job, like bathrooms or kitchens)
  • Project Reporting, which makes it easy to generate reports and analyze costs of individual projects
  • Bid Management, which helps with accurate figures
  • Job Costing, which offers a breakdown of costs based on individual jobs

Benefits offered to users

Building owners, contractors and other professionals in the construction industry have benefitted from using construction estimation software. They noted that the following has made their job easier:

  • Speedy reporting
  • Standardized processes
  • Accurate facts and figures
  • More bidding opportunities
  • Lowered resource requirements
  • More collaborative process
  • Availability of historical job and bid data
  • Ability to generate professional proposals
  • Ability to create budgets faster

Finding the right package

There are instances when prospective users mix up estimating and takeoff software. These programs are used in tandem and play a critical role in creating accurate bids. The major difference between the two are:

  • Takeoff systems measure blueprints and plans to gauge the amount of material and labor required by a project.
  • Construction estimator software systems help to figure out how much the materials and labor estimated for a job will cost and can be used to generate job bids in a professional document/format.
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The construction market has many companies competing for the same project, so having the right programs can help in getting the right projects.

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