E-mail marketing displayed on a laptopLooking for more up-to-date ways to advertise your business? For something more than the phone directory, use the internet and target customers who want your product with email marketing direct to their inbox.

When looking for something more creative than advertising in a broadsheet, email marketing provides an affordable alternative that works with a medium that everyone loves — the internet.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing and email marketing support are sending promotional messages via email to a group of people. The aim is to encourage them to purchase a product or hire a service. You can send commercial emails to email addresses where the potential customer has an interest in the products on offer. A business may also buy lists of email addresses to send emails to.

You can target current or previous customers in a new campaign to encourage them to buy more products or use the service again.

There are over 200 million email users in the US, with the numbers rising all the time. Nearly 40% of US businesses were utilizing email marketing by the summer of 2016.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Marketing electronically does work and can perform better than traditional methods of advertising, such as handing out flyers. eCoupons have a greater uptake rate than printed paper coupons, which is worth considering when promoting a special offer.

The average take-up rate for printed coupons is between 0.5 and 2%, whereas, with an eCoupon sent via email, the take-up rate was 2.7%. If you send special-offer emails via cell phones, the results are even better, with up to 16% of those contacted wanting to place an order. Most people view the internet on their mobile devices and like to shop when out and about. This is one reason why direct advertising is so successful.

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