Marketers discussing somethingA small bakeshop may have a decent number of local clients per month. A plumbing company with flyers around the neighborhood may receive calls every once in a while. It’s enough to keep the business afloat, so you think you’re doing well. But you can do better.

It’s not enough to play safe. Here’s how you can improve business profits:

Market Online

As more customers switch online, it’s no longer optional to get help from an online marketing company like Concept Marketing. Business in Utah needs to be easily accessible even if customers are not looking at a physical map or the yellow pages. A website should help you get found, and your social media accounts can engage customers to give them a satisfactory service that makes you memorable in a good way.


The biggest connection you want is the one that builds a bridge between you and your customers, but other connections help you make a name for yourself. A partnership with a local organization, for instance, puts you on the local map, so the community remembers you for your good contribution. You may also offer exclusives to certain distributors to help your sales while widening your market reach.

Give Freebies

Think spending money on items that you will give away for free is counterintuitive when you’re trying to improve profit? Think again. It’s a business expense that you can get back through customer referrals and new leads from tradeshows you participate in. Make the freebies useful and long-lasting so that the inexpensive cost can reap big rewards. Paperweights, umbrellas, magnets, shirts, and pens are just some ideas. Business tags and data storage devices can also be given away at corporate events.

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No business owner wants just to earn enough. To improve your profits, work on your marketing strategies online and offline.

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