SEO stratagem sheetStarting a new business is an exciting experience. You have a new idea and are thrilled to share it with the world. Along the way, however, you’re going to have to deal with competition from other startups and the more dominant players. But if you have a formidable SEO strategy, it can help you survive and get ahead. Here are tips to implement one.

Prioritize your mobile site

A couple of years ago, mobile overtook desktop in online search and browsing. You need to optimize your online marketing strategy for mobile browsing. Hire a Denver SEO expert to know how to optimize your site for all platforms. Your marketing strategy depends on it.

Consider link building

Linking has driven rankings on many search engines. In fact, links are as important as content when determining a site’s ranking. If you already have excellent content, then linking will make a huge difference.

Optimize your site for voice search

In the last decade, voice search queries have increased tenfold and speech recognition is fast approaching the 99 percent mark.  You stand to gain tremendously if your site is optimized for voice search.

Optimize your images

Optimizing for SEO includes images and videos. Make sure that the videos and pictures you use on your site will appear in search results. Make sure they have tags that are search engine-friendly and have brief descriptions.

New businesses that intend to compete with larger corporations must go out of their way and embrace creative technological developments. An excellent SEO strategy is one of the best weapons they can have in their arsenal.

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