Mobile Satellite ServicesGetting mobile satellite services for your business expansion seems like an out of this world idea. You might ask: If companies in the early 1900s were able to expand without space technology, why should you consider such? But as you know, you are already competing in a 21st-century market, and advanced technology is deemed essential in running a business.

The global market for mobile satellite services (MSS) is expected to grow in the coming years. This only shows that more businesses are likely to include MSS in their operations. As of now, land mobile, maritime and aviation are the major markets that take advantage of satellite mobile services.


To shed some light, MSS can be defined as transmitting, emitting and receiving radio waves for certain telecommunication purposes. It can be between space stations, or between space stations and mobile earth stations. It can also be between mobile earth stations with the help of space stations.

Better communication services are the main selling point of MSS. Does your business need such? The answer is: definitely. As you are about to expand, you are going to need reliable communication services more than ever.

Common Misconceptions

You might be worried about the costs of including space technology like MSS in your operations. Just like getting other services, MSS could be costly if you choose the wrong type of coverage. So, shopping wisely is still a must if you want cost-effective services.

You may also find the need for large facilities discouraging. If you think that MSS requires buying a lot and setting a tower therein, you are wrong. Your chosen provider will offer the service bundle inclusive of the equipment and communication services.

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With MSS, you can expect clearer, faster and cheaper calls between your employees, and between your business and your customers. It might not seem much at first glance. However, when you compare it to the quality and price of calls from a third-party provider, you will realise how much you can save with MSS. You are dealing directly with the satellite services provider, so the call rates are cheaper.

Data connectivity is also more reliable with MSS. It is significantly faster than what a third-party provider can offer. Such service is vital if you or one of your employees is working on a remote location.

Effective communication plays a vital role in your business expansion. MSS helps you achieve that. With mobile satellite services, you can get quality voice and data solutions. If you shop wisely, MSS could be a cost-effective option.

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