Digital Marketing ConceptAre you wondering why your website has a high bounce rate and visitors only spend a few minutes or seconds on your site? One of the reasons for this might be poor readability. Readability is an important aspect of websites because it can make or break the experience of a visitor browsing.

An expert on website design from Salt Lake City cites the following ways you can improve the readability of your site.

Select the Right Fonts

Software provider Usabilla says the most important part of the content is the actual text. Choose the font of your article wisely as it affects readability and branding. Select one that matches with your brand’s identity as this builds better associations and recall. Other than that, it also makes it easier for visitors to browse and scan the content published.

Make headlines attention grabbing and easy to scan. If they are short, you have more leeway to get creative with the font. Use lowercase and capital letters accordingly as it also improves readability. For long articles, it is ideal to use Sans Serif typeface because it makes the text easier to read. Some sample fonts to use for the article include Trebuchet, Arial, and Verdana.

Size Matters

The font size matters as well; because it either reduces or improves readability. Think about the age, preference of your audience and their eyesight to determine the best possible sizes. Some experts cite that websites can either use percentages or fixed heights.

Pages That Are Easy to Scan

Make your content easy to browse by segmenting it; segments allow visitors to look for information they want to know first. Make the headlines intriguing with action words in bold type, underlined or in a contrasting hue to highlight it. Break up sections with lists, images or even videos to keep the attention of the reader.

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These are some of the techniques that improve the readability of your website and its content. Improving this aspect of your site allows you to grab and keep the attention of your visitors.

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