The iPhone XThe launch of Apple’s iPhone X in Australia set a new record for sales, as many stores have sold out the U.S. smartphone maker’s latest model in just two hours.

Apple released the much-awaited handset on Nov. 2, when it attracted a huge crowd. In Sydney, it drew more than 400 buyers along the company’s flagship store in the city. Some even camped out for several days just to be the first in line.

Long wait list

Ben McIntosh, Vodafone consumer business unit director, said that the pace of sales “have broken all our records.” Those who wish to get their hands on the iPhone X will likely need to wait beyond Christmas this year, as pre-orders for the product have reached a record number.

The latest model further marked Apple’s success in the smartphone business. Apple has touted the iPhone X as its first mobile phone without the home button. Instead, it features an edge-to-edge touchscreen and a facial scanner that required major changes to the device. Contrary to rumours, company executives said that it does not have any fingerprint-scanning backup.

Embracing tradition

The popularity of Apple products may continue in the future given the strong demand, which is why the concept of an iPhone app development remains a lucrative option. It also seems that Australians are not just enamoured with U.S.-made phones, but also their holidays as well.

Australian retailers decided to participate in the U.S. tradition of bargain deals on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. Even Apple slashed its prices for selected products from older versions of the iPhone, Macs and ancillary items.

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The success of the Apple’s launch for the iPhone X further strengthens its popularity as a smartphone brand. Any business-minded person will try to capitalise on the strong demand by thinking of developing a mobile app, or some other service related to the smartphone.

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