Google's search results pageRanking high on search engines is important to any profit-oriented business venture. Statistics, however, reveal that over 90% of marketing leads on your website do not convert into sales. This means SEO should not focus solely on driving traffic to your site; it should also drive the right customers and encourage them to complete transactions.

Lead nurturing, according to research, can improve your sales by about 40%. For example, SEO campaigns in Denver with integrated lead nurturing are effective at converting online traffic into sales. Here are the different types of lead nurturing campaigns you can select depending on your goals:

Engagement Campaigns

This campaign mainly works to keep all your leads engaged by offering them uncomplicated, straightforward, and credible content. Welcome campaigns introduce you to new clients. Top of mind campaigns or drip campaigns involve the use of consistent messages delivered at regular intervals over a determined period to engage your leads. Re-engagement campaigns reinforce your message and brand.

Education Campaigns

These aim to highlight the benefits of your products and provide insights on how your target customers can use them efficiently. This is done using product focused campaigns, teaching point-of-view campaigns, and competitive drip awards. The campaigns offer a platform to sharpen your message and highlight the differences that make you stand out from your competitors.

Active Funnel Campaigns

These campaigns focus on customers close to making a purchase. The campaigns aim at building a trusting and personal relationship with your lead. They communicate the immeasurable value of having the client choose your product. Active funnel campaigns are intended to encourage customers to complete a purchase and set the stage for repeat business.

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Lead nurturing is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a significant effort to implement a successful campaign. Working with the right SEO company is key to getting a useful lead nurturing campaign. No company can afford to bypass an investment in lead nurturing with the right company.

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