SEO written on chalkboard, branching out to optimization, ranking, keywords, backlinks, traffic, and contentThere has been a ton of questions on how to rank at the top of search engines. As such, experts have suggested various techniques. Still, some of them are risky and might attract penalties. One of the efficient and risk-free platforms that you can use to boost your SEO is a PPC campaign.

Though similar in various ways, PPC and SEO are quite different in digital marketing. There is no direct way to enhance the power of PPC for your organic search ranking, but an SEO company in Virginia might recommend the use of some reports to achieve this. Here are some of them:

Search Term Report

With SEO, you have no surefire method of knowing the best keywords to generate significant organic traffic. However, if you are running a PPC campaign, you can get a search term report that tracks your account’s total conversions, clicks, and impressions. From this report, you can get the best-performing keywords and use them to build your SEO campaign.

Ad Performance Report

The click-through-rate is an essential and unfortunately hard-to-measure SEO metric. A high CTR generally indicates that you have considerable online traffic. You can get the CTR of the ad in your PPC campaign through a regular ad performance report. This way, you can evaluate the number of clients that you are drawing to your site.

SEMrush Advertising Report

This PPC report outlines the keywords with the highest bids. If your competitors are placing high bids for specific keywords, then they must be performing well. You can hence use the highest bidding keywords in the SEMrush advertising report for your SEO campaigns.

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The information you reap from the given reports will prove very valuable in your SEO efforts. It will considerably boost your overall SEO rank. The success of running a PPC campaign primarily depends on choosing the right SEO Company.

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