Guy holding a transparent screen showing online marketingThe economic outlook for the Perth has never been this positive as a fast economic growth rate has put in in the highest record in Western Australia. Perth accounts for about half of Australia’s exports of iron ore, gold and liquefied natural gas exports to China.    The state government has been working to help businesses make export connections and create a viable online presence; they know this is a major factor in ensuring the constant flow of business opportunities. These three reasons will help you understand why your Perth-based business should make the cut by having an online presence.  

Export opportunities

  According to Anita Ratcliffe, the Western Australian state director of Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, there are a lot of opportunities especially in the area of exports. While local businesses, especially in the resources sector, have solutions that are relevant to prospective clients overseas, having proper online visibility is also important to make that initial connection.    Businesses could rapidly grow out of their cocoons and reach clients that require their products or services if they work with a digital design agency in Perth. Companies like Viper Online Marketing provide more than a merely informational website. These agencies usually create responsive and search engine-friendly sites that encourage customer engagement.  

Fast growing population

  A growing multi-cultural population with a largely cosmopolitan outlook provides vast opportunities. While Western Australia has been touted as the fastest growing state with its population expected to hit 4 million by 2050, Perth was the fastest growing capital in 2012. These projections make business opportunities in the State exciting.  

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Location and connection

  A city with eighteen international connections is an exciting prospect to businesses who want to expand their frontiers. Perth ticks this box in addition to being in the same timezone as strategic cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Ease of international movement and connection thus enhances accessibility.   The downturn in mining boom notwithstanding, the business outlook looks very positive as businesses grew in Perth. The City placed third nationwide for mean household net worth. Businesses built during the boom period are now growing, and the challenge for them is to exploit new opportunities. In leveraging the expertise of a digital design agency, Perth businesses could unlock areas for additional growth. 

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