Website Design to Boost your BrandYour company’s brand encompasses all the associations, characteristics and experiences you want to exude with your products. Branding forms a crucial element in your marketing strategy, as it helps you maintain your clients’ loyalty and attract new ones.

Strategic brand positioning is essential to harness its power to boost your revenue. One of the areas you can use to boost your brand’s position online is your website’s design.

There are some primary elements the website design company you pick to work within Provo will recommend to achieve this. Here are these elements.


Your website’s chief colors are mainly for aesthetics, but they will also play a key role in evoking the right subconscious associations and emotions with your brand. It would be best if you first researched the effects of the color you choose for your site and ensure it meets your objective.

Keep your target audience in mind as well since colors will mean differently in different cultures.


Memorability is a crucial element in brand positioning. Consistency in your website’s fonts, visuals and colors creates repetition, and this way makes it easy to remember your brand. It also projects a brand image which is uniform and hence minimizes the risk of your audience shifting their focus from your brand.

Value Proposition

The first few minutes on your site are used by most clients to decide if you are worth their time. You can use this short time to convey a concise value proposition. This is a brief statement on a prominent location of your web page such as beside your logo.

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It generally explains the benefits the client stands to reap on your website.

Most startups assume branding is meant for big institutions since it is a costly affair. The above elements in your website’s design will play a significant role in your brand’s online position. They are also fortunately inexpensive.

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