Privacy Policy

We give high value to our viewer’s safety, which is why we try to uphold certain protocols strictly in order to prevent any unfortunate things from happening in the future. Safeguarding the privacy of our viewers is always a priority, which we do not take lightly. We are confident that these protocols will also serve as a critical factor in providing you the best experience in our website. Below are a series of guidelines that covers pretty much everything on our website.

Personal information

We do not overlook the sharing of personal information unless our viewers give it to us voluntarily. If ever we do collect personal information, it is for the sole purpose only of replying to feedback, questions, and sending relevant updates that may also contribute to the improvement of the whole experience. Such information may include sensitive and important information your name, e-mail, and other details that will enable us to reach you much easier, which is why we strictly uphold confidentiality.


In line with our efforts to keep our viewer’s contact information strictly confidential, we do not allow web cookies. These cookies can tract your online activities, which can be a cause of unfortunate complications in the future.

External Links

To provide the optimum readership experience to our visitors, we authorize external links to be present in some of our material. We believe that such links will provide the supplementary information, which can help readers better understand the article they are reading.  Our team, however, does not share the same ideas with their policies, which is why we advise that prior to any sharing of personal information that you understand their policies first.