Woman surfing the netPeople’s brains, according to psychology, are more highly attuned to negativity. In fact, it suggested that negative news, events, comments, and emotions have greater weight than the positive ones. And it is easy to understand why. Apart from requiring more thinking and analyzations, negative things leave people a bad aftertaste or experience long after hearing, seeing, or experiencing something pessimistic.

This also applies to your business and website. SEO Werkz and other search engine optimization experts in Utah note that even if your website has many good points, visitors are likely to remember the hardships they have experienced while exploring it. One flaw can easily translate to negative user experience, which will then make visitors think twice about visiting your website or interacting with your business again.

Maintaining Familiarity

When it comes to web design, familiarity is what users want. Keep in mind the people have mental models of how a website is supposed to function or look like. If your site is too unique or flashy or if you use unconventional labels or icons in unpredicted places, your visitors are likely to be confused and frustrated. This may also lead to abandonment, as your site doesn’t meet user expectations.

Easing Visitors’ Fears

A professional web design can help, but you should also try adding elements that enhance user experience. You also benefit from using microcopy, which is a short content that offers additional reminders or set expectations in a respectful manner. When requesting visitors to sign up for e-mail, your microcopy can be “Never shared, never spammed.” or “We hate spam, too.” This ease fears of users and make them feel comfortable.

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Handling Mistakes and Errors

Sometimes, mistakes are inevitable and this happens when visitors explore your site. This is where error messages become useful. Just be sure to avoid vague and long messages, technical jargon, and negative words that are likely to leave a bad expression. Your message should also be humble and shouldn’t blame the user. Check out this article for good examples of error messages.

Make your site professional and easy to navigate to leave a good impression. You can benefit from working with an SEO company to optimize your website and address design issues that can cause inconvenience and bad user experience.


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