Web Design PuzzleRanking high on search engine pages is essential for all businesses with an online presence. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you boost your rank significantly. There are various ways you can integrate SEO into your website.

One of the most efficient is through SEO-friendly web design. Search engine optimization experts who double up as web design experts such as Jupiter’s Blue Gorilla Digital can help you design SEO-friendly sites.

There are various ranking factors these experts will focus on to ensure the design they come up with improves your ranking. Here are some of these factors.


Easy navigation is a leading ranking factor in SEO. The best way to ensure search engine crawlers can navigate your site easily is by including a sitemap in your web design.

The sitemap is a structured page hierarchy of your content. Easy navigation also keeps users on your site for an extended period, hence boosting your rank.


If your site is slow to load, search engines and users will abandon it. To ensure fast loading times on your site, there are various layouts your designer will recommend based on your content.

These include fluid, fixed and elastic layouts. Your design should also optimize images and exclude unnecessary design elements which affect its loading time.


Engagement of your visitors is dependent on your content and design. Your design has to be aesthetically pleasing to attract visitors to the website.

The content of your landing page and subsequent ones should be enticing enough to keep the visitor on your page. With optimized content and design, you will boost engagement and in turn improve your rank.

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With the above factors appropriately applied, you can be sure of an improved rank. A high rank will eventually translate into a handsome ROI when used with other elements. You should, however, be consistent and patient to reap the rewards of your investment.

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