Social Media WebsitesThe declining number of desktop users have seen mobile users fueling social media. Based on current statistics and reports, Online Philippines Corp. explains that some sites and apps are more effective when it comes to social media campaigns. As with any advertising or marketing campaign, there are only so many websites which are appropriate for a product or your target market. It is better to choose the right site that will suit your purposes.

Social Media Growth

Facebook still is the top social media site when it comes to users, with 2.23 billion active users. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have 1.3 billion users. Wechat is fourth with 980 million users, followed by Instagram with 800 million users. Tumblr is seventh with 794 million users, overtaking Twitter which has 330 million. Chinese website Sina Weibo is sixth with 376 million, Pinterest has 200 million, and LinkedIn with 260 million users.

What is interesting about these figures is that Twitter has the slowest growth in active monthly users with only 4.1% year over year. It should also be noted that LinkedIn, which caters to professionals, grew by 145.28% from 2017. Additionally, Tumblr, which has been under the radar and not usually noticed by Internet marketers grew by 44.36%. The growth of all these sites supports the worldwide annual growth of social media users (which rose to 12%). A social media site should reflect increases greater than 12% to show that their growth is faster than the available number of users.

Other Social Media Sites and Apps

One of the fastest growing social media app in recent years is Snapchat. Its user growth peaked at 24% quarterly in 2014. Since then, it has increased by only 5% from 2016 to 2017. The 2017 total number of daily active users was 166 million. YouTube has also seen immense growth in users and number of videos uploaded. In 2013, it registered 100 hours of video uploaded every hour. By mid-2017, it has increased to 400 hours of videos every minute. In 2016, over 1 billion hours of videos were watched every day.

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Social media strategies depend on the client and their target market. The traffic and growth of sites and apps, and it is better to use those sites which would likely have the best returns in engagement, clicks, followers and likes.

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