A developer working on a web designYour website design should provide a user experience that is as memorable as possible. Navigation is hence one of the chief elements in web design. A well-designed navigation system makes your site easy to use and enhances its user experience.

A Greeley web design company has the required expertise to link your navigation and web design so that they work together seamlessly. Failure to do this will only frustrate your visitors. Here are the main types of website navigation you can choose for your website.

Horizontal Texts

This is perhaps the most commonly used navigation style. It consists of a list of the various sections of a website labeled with a few words. Horizontal texts can be created using either straight HTML or graphics. Some of these texts also include a short description of what a site has to offer to make it simpler to use

Vertical Texts

This is also a common navigation style. It consists of a vertical list of items you can find on the website. It is a useful tool in websites that have a long list of button bar content, long titles, or sites with expandable navigation.

One can typically find vertical text navigation on the left side of a webpage. It can, however, be put on the right side if needed for secondary navigation.

Drop-Down Menus

Designers typically place these along horizontal navigation. Drop-down menus allow your visitors to jump to different website sections.

Websites that have a substantial amount of content are ideal candidates for drop-down menus since this style eliminates the need for endless clicks to access your content. You can also include sub-menus for easier navigation.

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While these are the main types of navigation, there are numerous options you can select for your website. They might not, however, fit the overall web design and the nature of your business. Your web designer is best-placed to advise you on the navigation style that will work best for you.

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