man and a woman working out back to backA major blunder many people commit when starting an exercise routine is not knowing their workout personality. People try every fitness trend celebrities rave, and then abandon it after three to four sweat sessions because it’s ‘not the right fit’ for them. Your workout personality, or the sum of your fitness and lifestyle interests, should be the very thing informing you of the kind of routines you should follow. With that, here are some ways to know what your workout personality is:

Early Bird or Night Owl

The first thing you should consider, according to fitness experts in Westborough, is your body clock. It should give you insight into scheduling your workouts and riding on your energy peak. If you’re a morning person, pick up that inclination and hit the gym before you go to work or go about your day.

If you’re the type to be more productive at night, schedule your routines late afternoon to power yourself up for your activities in the evening. When your body clock is in sync with your workout schedule, you’re more likely to stick to your routine.

Solo or Social

Figure out how your attitude is with people. Do crowds energize you, or are you more into keeping to yourself? If it’s the former, go for small group training sessions. Sign up for classes in personal training studio in Westborough to expand your network.

If you prefer being on your own, you may try running or cycling. Make sure to have at least one fitness accountability partner who can check on you every now and then about your fitness progress. Also, do note the safety of your routes, especially as you intend to be with just yourself.

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Mind or Body

While exercise benefits both the mind and the body, specific routines tend to prioritize one aspect over another. For instance, yoga and Pilates tend to focus on the mind, while lunges and sit-ups strengthen the body.

It’s important to know exactly what interests you more between these types of routines. Of course, there’s also the option of doing both to sustain your interest and at the same time, maximize each of the exercise’s benefits.

Your workout personality should change the way you choose and plan your physical activities. So, the question remains: what’s your workout personality?

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