A man strategising his SEO campaignSmall businesses across the country, even here in Minnesota, have likely heard about search engine optimization and have begun to use it to boost their marketing. SEO can be a hard nut to crack, however, as optimization remains a tricky process.

In the area of keywords alone, how can you choose the right set of keywords on the onset?

SEO and Keywords

Search engine optimization for your Minnesota business refers to the marketing process that serves to raise your website’s chances of ranking higher in search results pages of Google and other search engines. SEO uses several different tools, one of which are keywords.

Keywords help your website rank for specific searches, allowing you to target your audience.

What Are Your Goals?

To choose the right keywords, you can begin by first identifying your goals in your SEO campaign. What do you want to achieve in your SEO? Who will your audience be? What types of traffic do you want? Do you want increased sales or simply more brand awareness?

What Are Your Keywords?

Once you have pinpointed your goals, you can now start with the keywords themselves. Around 10 to 20 keywords will be good enough to start your website off. You can think of keywords yourself that customers will probably use to search for businesses like yours.

Alternately, you can observe your current customers and see what they usually ask from you; you can then base your keywords from there. You can also use keyword generators or data from your website’s own search function.

A creative group specializing in SEO will be the best source of great keywords, however.

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Which Are Weak; Which Are Strong?

Now, once you have your list of keywords, you can narrow the list down. Take out the ones that show weakness in volume, competition, relevance, or current rankings. Your narrowing down can also lead you to identify your strongest keywords; you can then pick the ones you can easily optimize for.

You can use what you have learned here, and with the help of a creative group, you can rank your small business higher in Google.

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