Writing the bounce rate informationThe bounce rate is a metric that tracks the percentage of visitors who land on your site and leave without going to any other page. What this means is that people do not stay long enough to get more details about what you can do for them. However, all is not bad news there are lessons to learn from this.

Experts from web design companies in Salt Lake City such as SEO Werkz will cite the following things you can learn from your site’s bounce rate.

Identifying Sticky Content

When you go through your analytics page, you will see numbers that indicate the traffic for certain pages of your website. You will see which ones a visitor saw first and last or the one that gets the most visitors.

With this information, you can determine which type of content attracts people because of the number of clicks it gets. You can also identify which pages require extra attention to boost their conversion rate.

With this knowledge, you can change the content of your site to suit the preferences of your intended audience. Re-design the page to account for navigation problems, fix the layout to highlight certain parts and direct the actions of a visitor towards your chosen response.

Source of Traffic

Other than determining the type of content you should focus on, the bounce rate will teach you the sources of your website traffic. This allows you to re-assess and re-strategy your online marketing campaigns.

This enables you to focus your efforts on platforms that not only boost traffic but also to identify the audience that response the best to your branding.

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Identifying the Right Keywords

Some visitors land on your page by accident, hence their lack of interest and higher bounce rate. By studying the numbers, you can identify which keywords and search terms will work best for your campaign.

Doing so reduces the rate of accidental visitors who show little to no interest to your brand.

The use of appropriate keywords

These are some of the lessons your site’s bounce rate can teach you; look at the percentages as a means to better your campaign, your website and your conversion rates. Implement changes to get the results you want and the type of visitors that are likely to convert.

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