Team discussing website strategyIt’s one thing to have a website, and it’s another to have a website that converts. In this age of digital marketing, competitive website design is everything. From the content you publish to the images that you use, everything has to speak to whoever’s on your site.

Digital marketing experts at Alkries LLC believe you can nurture your website visitors and convert them into customers if you had a good website strategy. And you can achieve that by following these steps.

Step 1. Write down the top five goals of your website.

Is it solely informative? Is it to register for, or host a webinar? Is it to sell products, or to teach a course? List them down according to priority.

Step 2. Evaluate your site against these goals.

Is your website content and strategy aligned with these goals? Are there areas on your site that have nothing to do, or go against these goals?

Step 3. Gather at least five people who’ve never seen your website before, let them browse your site thoroughly, and ask them these questions

A. Does it immediately show you what the business is about and who it’s for?
B. Is there anything confusing about it?
C. Does it look unprofessional or cluttered in any part?

Step 4. Ask these people for comments and suggestions.

Let them know what you’re trying to achieve and that you need them to be honest to help you improve your website.

Step 5. Update your website based on your findings.

Gather all the information from the first four steps, take time to analyze your website along with your findings, and then do the necessary changes.

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Remember that each step has a great impact on each succeeding step. Spending time to do each one won’t harm your business at all. It will, instead, help you grow your customer base by turning your website into an engaging, and interactive conversion machine.

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