A website being designedYour website represents your business online, which only goes to show that you should have a good one. It should not just be packed with information that your customers are looking for, but also holds their attention.

An outdated website is out of the question. If your site looks like it was made five years ago, then people would think your business is out of touch. And considering how tech-savvy consumers are nowadays, it’s wise to get ahead of the trends.

Does your website need some refreshing? Website design experts from Red Rider Creative in Utah discuss some of the trends that will become explosive in 2018 that you may want to consider:

Video backgrounds

Video or GIF backgrounds, also known as hero images, are not exactly new, though they’ve become less popular in the past year. But this year will be different, according to Hubspot, as they become more popular again. The website noted that European agencies have already been implementing the trend again, especially “full-screen” loops.

Layouts in disarray

Layouts that are intentionally messy and disjointed will soon be the norm this month. It’s not for everyone though, because of its experimental look. It largely depends on the personality of your brand for this type of website design to work, as it seems like it suits businesses or individuals from advertising or creative industries.

Bold typography

Huge, eye-catching typography will take center stage this year and will be seen in a majority of new websites. Serifs will also enter the scene again, and most websites would observe the juxtaposition of sans serif and serif fonts.

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Web design in Utah is always at the forefront of new and exciting developments in the world of design. Multi-awarded advertising agency abounds in the state, giving you a wide range of options to choose from for your new website endeavor or relaunch.

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