website design planningWhat’s on a website? You have the basics. The domain name, which is probably the name of your company, plays a big role in pointing people in the right direction. After they have located the domain they want to visit, however, your site’s content and structure take over.

You shouldn’t overlook these important aspects when building your site:

Company Information

People are looking for more information, and they want to leave your website having accomplished that goal. Whether they’re looking for your company’s contact details or needing to know who is at the helm of the business, their enquiries should be addressed. A dedicated page about contacting the company or explaining the vision of the business will go a long way.


Will you be using the website mostly for blogging or will it be just a placeholder for company information? It may be a dedicated company website with a blog. Know the purpose of the site so that the WordPress web design you choose reflects it properly, giving it features you need to display content the way you intend it to be shown to site visitors. Though WordPress is highly marketed as a blogging platform, it can also be used for non-blog sites, so there’s no worry on that front.


It’s not enough to have the site furnished with every possible detail about your company and then leave it unsupervised. You’ll need to update plugins and software regularly, as old versions will be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You may have started out having accurate information about the business, but if hackers find their way in, they may change anything on your site, and this may hurt business. If they change your login credentials, you may also have a hard time taking back control of the website, which is attached to your business name.

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Every business is expected to have their own website at this point, but don’t stop at the setup. Pay attention to your site’s integrity and security, so it doesn’t hurt your business.

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