The words link building written on a notebookFor businesses with physical brick-and-mortar offices or shops, their website serves as the lifeline of their online marketing and advertising campaigns. And for those solely operating online, their website is their business.

Whichever the case is for you, it’s important that you gain a considerable amount of traffic flowing into your site. Without traffic, your website is simply an expense that doesn’t help you generate income.

Web traffic 101

At its core, website traffic pertains to the World Wide Web users who visit any given website. Measured in visits, and also called “sessions,” it offers site owners a way to gauge the effectiveness of their business’ website when it comes to attracting consumers.

The primary reason you’ve set up a website is to primarily sell, market, and advertise your brand and the products/services it offers. Thus, the greater the traffic (the people who visit it), the higher the number of consumers who become aware of your brand.

Boosting traffic means implementing proper web-based marketing campaigns

Before people start visiting your website, they first have to learn about it. And in the majority of cases, search engines play a huge part in this. When people search for Denver businesses, search engines, such as Google, will give them a list (in the form of search engine results pages or SERPs) of prospects, as well as links to their websites and other online assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

For your brand to appear in the higher ranks or first few pages of SERPs though, you need to have a properly carried out Denver SEO campaign. Local SEO services will help boost your visibility in the search results, which is a must since most web users only visit the first few links that appear on SERPs.

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Web traffic and SEO: The link

As you can see, web traffic and SEO always go hand in hand when it comes to improving the visibility of your online assets, so make sure you localize your SEO efforts, as this will make search engines look at you more favorably.

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