Phone screen with social media appsIn the right hands, advertising ceases to be an annoyance when watching a sporting event on TV or a video clip on YouTube. Instead, it becomes a powerful tool that increases sales and changes the way consumers think about the world.

Whether you’re a startup or a company that has grown big over the years, advertising needs to be a part of your strategies to get your message across. You can hire the services of an expert, like a Melbourne-based digital agency near you, to produce compelling ads for you.

While there’s no magic formula for making an effective ad, it will tend to have the following aspects: creativity, memorability, cultural impact, and increase in revenue or brand value. While traditional media will still have its fair share of advertising battles, its social media now that has become the focus for anyone who wants to connect to their target market. Ads on social media, in addition, can result in consistent sales even from the start.

What makes it even better is that there are many social media platforms to choose from:


Boasting about two billion monthly users, it has the biggest and widest range of target markets worldwide. This could be your key to lead generation. Some of the most common advertising campaigns on Facebook include white papers, product coupons, give-aways, limited-time offers, discounts, and free shipping.


It has shown to be effective in engaging the audience in social media with rates 2,000% higher than Twitter and 58% higher than Facebook. It’s image- and video-centred, which makes it popular among females and minorities in the 18-29 age range.

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With this platform, companies actually don’t have to pay just so they can reach their audience better, but if they do, it usually means a better return on investment. Twitter users shop online about seven times a month, and that 60% of them buy from smaller businesses.

Marketers and advertisers never had it so good as today when the opportunity to connect with their audience is convenient and easy to do. All they need is to create content worthy of such a chance.

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