Marketing collaboration with the employeesThe chances of your business idea already facing competition even before you open up shop are 100 percent. Whatever industry you enter – retail, medical, food, etc. – you can expect that somebody out there is doing the same. So what can you do to have even a slight edge over them?


Marketing and advertising are important for any business, especially if you already have a market saturated with similar providers as you. Small firms and start-ups in any field typically have limited resources for marketing, so many usually end up just relying on luck and blind hope. That is not the way to do business. You need marketing, no matter how little or slowly you begin.

Hiring an expert

It’s not enough to acknowledge that you need marketing; you have to do something about it. Get to work. But then, you also have to realise that you cannot do everything on your own, so you need an agency or an expert or a team of experts to help you.

There is still a catch: you can’t hire just anyone who seems to know what they’re doing; you have to hire the one who understands your industry and knows how to get ahead in it. For example, if you have a dental practice, you need an expert in dental marketing. You can’t just hire someone with a strong background in helping businesses in the retail industry and almost zero knowledge about your field. That would be quite the case of the blind leading the blind. You need someone who knows their way around your industry.

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Working with a team

You and the marketing team – whether in-house or a third party – should have a good working relationship. For example, if you hired a marketing agency, they should have the transparency to explain to you whatever moves they make, how much it costs and what their estimates are as far as returns are concerned. If the agency keeps you in the dark, that’s a red flag. You might want to look for someone else to work with. After all, it’s your business, and it’s your budget.

Without marketing, your business is not likely to succeed. Without an expert to guide you, the chances of success probably don’t improve a lot. So hire someone who knows what they’re doing and with whom you feel comfortable working and getting results.

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