Landing page strategiesThe primary objective of online marketing is to enhance your brand visibility and ultimately increase your profits. One of the areas you should focus on to ensure this happens is your website’s landing page. This is your first point of interaction with the client, and an excellent first impression is crucial.

There are several types of landing pages a digital marketing agency, such as New Perspective in Massachusetts, might propose. Some of them are however better suited for brand growth compared to others. Here are some of them.

1. Microsite Pages

These are essentially pages containing all your company’s information on a single page. A microsite page allows you to provide more information to your clients without sending them to other pages by using navigation bars which scroll to different page sections. These sites work for businesses which have substantial information to present to clients like multi-service companies and law firms.

2. Lead Generation Pages

These pages are designed to gather relevant client information to nurture leads. A lead generation landing page includes a form which gathers your customers’ contact information and the specific information they are looking for.

These pages are useful for many companies but more so for those with a dedicated sales team which contacts the clients. The contact information can also be in your mailing list for optimal lead nurturing.

3. Contextual Video Landing Pages

These pages include videos rather than texts to get their message across. Over 80% of clients, after all, prefer videos over static and plain texts and hence these pages are bound to grow your brand significantly.

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Video landing pages are a perfect option for companies promoting concerts and those offering webinars and lectures.

A website’s landing page isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Different businesses warrant use of different landing pages. By selecting the right type, you can be sure of a dramatic increase in your conversion rate and brand popularity.

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